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BYU Independent Study (Online)

There are thirty-three (33) units of prerequisites required for the Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene [BSDH] degree program at UCDH. Below are the prerequisite classes and general education classes from BYU Independent Study that will transfer to UCDH.

*PDBIO 210 – Human Anatomy w/virtual Lab (ONLY 3 credits)
*MMBIO 221 – General Microbiology (ONLY 3 credits)
*Anatomy, Biology (counts for Physiology) and Microbiology require 4 semester credits total.
Please contact the admissions office to try and substitute other science labs/classes for credits BEFORE enrolling in the above classes*

CHEM100 – Elementary College Chemistry (3 credits)
NDFS100 – Essentials of Human Nutrition (3 credits)
PSYCH111 – Introduction to Psychological Science (3 credits)
SOC111 – Introductory Sociology (3 credits)
STDEV150 – Public Speaking (3 credits)
WRTG150 – Writing and Rhetoric (3 credits)

MATH110 – College Algebra (3 credits)

* Virtual or integrated lab acceptable
*Information current as of11-5-18.  Subject to change without notice.  Call for details.