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University of Phoenix (Online)

There are thirty-three (33) units of prerequisites required for the Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene [BSDH] degree program at UCDH. Below are the prerequisite classes and general education classes from University of Phoenix that will transfer to UCDH.  The University of Phoenix is a private univseristy.  Transferability of credits to other institutions of higher learning is not guarenteed or implied.  Credits earned or awarded with the intent of transfering to other institutions must be determined by the applicant, student, or graduate in coordination with the institution they are wishing to transfer the credits into.    

Jump Start Early College information

SCI 250 Microbiology with Lab
BIO 290 OR NSCI 280 Human Anatomy & Physiology I
BIO 291 OR NSCI 281Human Anatomy & Physiology II
CHM 110 Introductory Chemistry
SCI 220 Human Nutrition
PSY 103 or PSY 300 Intro to Psychology
SOC 100 Intro to Sociology
ENG 101 Effective Essay Writing
COMM 310 Public Speaking - *No longer offered*
College Level Math (100 or higher)
* Virtual or integrated lab acceptable
* Please note, only 30 prerquiste credits are allowed to be completed in an online format.

*Information current as of11-5-18.  Subject to change without notice.  Call for details.