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Check Current Course Equivalencies.

If your course is not listed in the Prerequisites pull down menu and you believe the course to be transferrable, download and print the Petition for Course Transfer Review. Your instructor or the department chair must verify that the course meets UCDH criteria and matches at least 80 percent to the description, depth, and breadth of the UCDH syllabi for that course.

Notice to Applicants:
UCDH will no longer accept Weber State University's Biomedical Core as satisfying the prerequisite science course requirements. If you were not enrolled in the Biomedical Core as of April 1, 2006, you must complete the prerequisite science courses as listed below.

Admission to the UCDH dental hygiene degree program is competitive and based upon specific written criteria, procedures, and policies.  Students must enter the program with the following completed college or university coursework.  All courses must be of sufficient depth, scope, sequence of instruction, quality and emphasis to reflect the objectives and philosophy of higher education and may be transferred only from an accredited institution at the post-secondary college-level.

The prerequisite courses for the program are listed below.  It is acceptable for you to take the statistics course from psychology, education, business, or mathematics.  If you're unsure whether or not a course will transfer, please contact us.

UCDH Bachelors Degree (BSDH) Prerequisite Courses:



Science Prerequisite Courses




Microbiology (with or without a lab) (4 credit hours total)

Human Nutrition


Chemistry (with or without lab) (3 credit hours total)



General  Education


Anatomy and Physiology I & II (with or without labs)  or

Anatomy & Physiology (with or without labs) (4 credit hours each, totaling 8 credit hours)


English I


Public Speaking






College Level Math (i.e. 100 level or higher)

(Note: If you have questions, please contact the admissions office.)


*All listed credit hours are semester hours. If your school is on a quarter system, please contact the UCDH admissions office.  Please note, only 30 prerquiste credits are allowed to be online format.

NOTE: Students must complete prerequisite courses prior to beginning the UCDH BSDH program. Contact UCDH at (801) 426-8234 for complete details.


*Copyright 2018 Careers Unlimited L.L.C.  Information subject to change without notice.  Authenticity of information relating to other Utah dental hygiene programs is not guaranteed.  Readers are encouraged to verify other dental hygiene program requirements, degrees awarded, and curriculum offerings.


The UCDH BSDH program requires a minimum of 122 credit hours (which includes a minimum of 33 credit hours of prerequisite & general education coursework).  The curriculum is structured into semesters, each of which is equivalent in academic rigor and in time to a traditional semester.  One credit hour equals fifteen hours of study for lecture components or thirty hours of study for laboratory, clinical and independent study components.  Breaks are scheduled between all semesters.

The accelerated schedule is not the only innovation for the program.  The program is structured to allow students to pursue additional study to enhance their role as clinical dental hygienists or to pursue careers in other aspects of professional dental hygiene.  The disciplines on which students may focus include advanced clinical practice, education, public health, administration/management, advocacy, and research.

You may wonder why you should consider a BSDH.  Graduates who have been awarded a Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene not only enjoy a well-rounded academic background and the respect that goes along with a baccalaureate degree, but the BSDH also allows entry into positions in teaching, administration, public health, business, and additional areas that other types of dental hygiene education do not. In a baccalaureate program there are opportunities for growth that no other form of dental hygiene education can provide. The UCDH program will have a strong clinical program as might be expected, but is also designed to allow the student to excel in the areas of sound decision-making, community and public health, research, and specialized areas of clinical practice dental hygiene practice. 

The UCDH BSDH program will allow the student to gain substantial knowledge of all aspects of dental hygiene and ensure that the curriculum effectively will prepare students for the professional roles and functions they will be expected to perform in the workplace, as defined by current state law or regulation.  It also will allow the student comprehensive learning about the specific role(s) of the dental hygienist that are of most interest to the individual, which may lead to alternative career pathways within the profession. Wherever a student's dental hygiene related interest might lie, the goal is to provide maximum opportunities to explore and learn through this innovative baccalaureate degree program.

The prerequisite courses for the program are listed above.  It is acceptable for you to take the statistics course from psychology, education, business, or mathematics.  If you're unsure whether or not a course will transfer, please contact us.