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Every scholarship is offered by private organizations with separate criteria, due dates, requirements, and selection committees. As a result,  UCDH is not able to tell you what specific scholarship that you might be qualified to receive. UCDH students with non-traditional alternating starts may not qualify for some of the scholarships listed below. It will require an investment of time to research your options.

We do encourage students to look outside of just the search term “dental hygiene”, to more basic options such as science, academics, or something specific to your personal background. 

Scholarship applications are not open year round. Monitor these sites regularly to find information on scholarships and eligibility. Please note that all of the scholarships listed are offered by third party organizations that are NOT associated with the Utah College of Dental Hygiene at Careers Unlimited.

NOTE: It is the responsibility of the scholarship applicant to ensure that they meet all of the eligibility requirements to qualify for the scholarships outlined and listed below.